Project MK27: Cep-A water maser at 22GHz

See also the methanol line detection at 12GHz of CepA in tab

Here we present our results for 22GHz.


With ever better receiver systems, at present a lot of water masers in CepA are detected on several places. These are all located by Very Long Base Interferometry or VLBI.
It is difficult to cross check the peaks we have on -10.6km/s and -8.7km/s to the tables in literature.
pdf :The magnetic field in the star-forming region Cepheus A.
pdf :EVN observations of the methanol masers in Cep A.
Because of the fact that these radio sources are variable, comparison is difficult when observations are made at different times.
The masers can be associated with rotating rings and outflows.

We were very gratefull that we received maser data files from Riccardo Cesaroni of the Medicina Radio Telescope in Italy.
Here it can be seen that CepA is very variable over the period 14sep1995 to 23feb2007.


Michiel Klaassen Januari 2023